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IR - Infrared Scan

Yishai company specializes in visual maintenance and is one was the first to provide services in that area (machinery and manufacturing enterprises in particular and private consumers in general.)
The company's scanners have been trained and certified at FLIR (L1 L2) company and have extensive experienced in this area as well as electrical equipment and construction designated cameras.

What is Infrared scanning?

Short circuits on electric panels may have disabling and destructive effects on work, equipment damage and loss of life. Using an IR scan, the hot spots that indicate the deficiencies in the electric systems can be easily identified.
The scan is independent of the electric systems and does not create interruptions in the electric supply. Fixing the defects in advance prevents a shortage in the flow of electricity and therefore, improves the safety of the facilities.
Failures in power systems cause 30 percent of domestic / industrial fires.

IR Goals

  • Early detection of failures in UPS systems, generators and other vital systems.
  • Prevention of power outages and vital system disabling due to deficiencies.
  • Preventing fires and shock hazard.
  • Quality control for power systems, ventilation systems and more...

Scanning Benefits

  • Less wear and tear on equipment and electric systems
  • Preventing economic damage and fires
  • Protecting lives
  • Early fault detection
  • Energy saving

Further Usages

The scanning is also effective in detecting leaks in air conditioning systems and identifying damages in plumbing systems. Authorizations to insurance companies and fire department.