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Electric Equipment Maintenance

Our company has gained over the years extensive experience in electric equipment maintenance, as a direct result of this experience and knowledge, the company has adopted essential points that are an integral part of our maintenance service:
Constant efficiency and economy, safety and professionalism,
maintaining a high level of service and striving for continuous improvement.
Personal attention to each client, with full transparency and regular updates.


  • Ensure a high level of maintenance of electrical systems and related equipment, reducing maintenance costs and wear and tear over time.
  • Early fault detection, and providing a solution in a short time.
  • Running processes in a transparent manner.

Work Method

Maintenance is carried out by a team available during the operation hours of the equipment, with rapid response at exceptional hours.
Periodic checks of all systems as part of preventive maintenance, suggestions of improvement for the facility economically and viewing ways to save energy.
Maintenance procedures are built from safety indicators and quality surveys and tailored to teach customer according to their individual needs.

Areas of Contracts

  • Transformers, generators, motors, UPS systems and batteries.
  • Low voltage electrical panels, power switching and control.
  • Circular edge lighting and sockets.
  • Industrial kitchen equipment, elevators, electric gates, scrolling systems, trash compressors, etc.
  • Update and archive documentation and mapping of the facility.
  • IR- Infrared scanning.