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Projects - Our Areas of Expertise

Our Team specializes in projects that include: high voltage, low power; command and control systems, clean rooms, uninterruptible power supply systems, street lighting networks, structure management and maintenance. Years of accumulated knowledge and expertise give Yishai Systems the positioning to provide a level of expertise in all areas of service for each project undertaken. The group consists of experienced professionals who provide the basis to the company's success, impressive growth and achievements.

Projects Completed

  • Installation of a clean room in the Intel Jerusalem factory (IDPJ) including installation of production machinery, distribution boards, lighting circuits and building control system.
  • Construction of electric infrastructure, control panels, communications and cameras in Jerusalem light rail.
  • installation of the control system and remote control lighting switchboards for the Jerusalem Municipality (350 units).
  • Ongoing general maintenance of IDPJ Jerusalem development center and factory .
  • Installation of UPS systems for BETTER PLACE company in charging stations across the country.
  • Demolition and construction of the "BAIT VAGAN" guest house including building control systems, distribution boards, electrical infrastructure and fire alarm systems.
  • construction of cooling rooms at OMRIX (Johnson & Johnson) factory.
  • Support for the engineering teams at TEVA factory, responding with skilled manpower to client requirements as well as various projects, including the production process.
  • IR photographs for institutions and factories.